Canoe Polo Cancer Challenge 2006

Canoe Polo Cancer Challenge 2006

Sponsored by Dave Brown, Family Boat Shop, Hatfield Waterpark & Ferrer Consulting

Cancer Challenge 2006 - Statistics

Final Score: DBX (Red) 263 - v - 276 FBS (Yellow)

The match sucessfully ran for 26 hours with 117 players. Full individual statistics are below. Click on the column heading to change the sort order.

Note: some of the "longest playing time" values may be incorrect (due to human error noticing substitutions!), but the total playing time should be about right!

Ref Statistics are now available here.

ID Name Goals Total Playing Time Longest Single Play Longest Time on Water Cards Goals/Min
117Izzy Kaminski53h 54m28m2h 20m-0.021
149Simon Forrest121h 35m23m2h 12m-0.126
8Tim Guhl02h 29m31m2h 10m-0.000
13Ben Slingsby84h 24m34m2h 09m-0.030
97andy lowthorpe103h 30m27m2h 09m-0.048
23Katie Burton73h 21m34m2h 00m-0.035
16Sara Brautigam93h 51m37m1h 57mY:1 0.039
150David Plowman61h 42m24m1h 55m-0.059
61Richard Towne23h 06m55m1h 44mG:1 0.011
12Naomi Kerr-Shaw02h 32m24m1h 41m-0.000
95Robin Vasey82h 57m42m1h 41m-0.045
131Robert Holdway113h 49m29m1h 38m-0.048
67Beth Lowe12h 11m43m1h 38m-0.008
62Jenny Belcher13h 08m44m1h 37m-0.005
158Matt Simpson92h 10m27m1h 35m-0.069
6Tori Park21h 45m35m1h 34m-0.019
135ian Page163h 53m38m1h 30mY:1 0.069
53Juanito Abascal193h 59m39m1h 29m-0.079
91Ute Cappel13h 14m28m1h 28m-0.005
83Tim Slade73h 23m27m1h 27m-0.034
124Helen Hocknell12h 50m32m1h 27m-0.006
152Christopher Wells73h 14m40m1h 23m-0.036
132Ellie Bridgstock162h 35m22m1h 22m-0.103
40Joel Stobart111h 58m30m1h 22m-0.093
7Cass Slater22h 44m41m1h 21m-0.012
60Benjamin Plumb73h 05m30m1h 20m-0.038
19Pyro63h 12m28m1h 20m-0.031
81Daniel Allport103h 53m32m1h 19m-0.043
15Heather Slater214h 10m28m1h 17m-0.084
70Munki103h 17m24m1h 16m-0.051
136Peter Croft61h 52m36m1h 14m-0.054
130duncan moffat72h 54m22m1h 14m-0.040
76Harry Jones71h 37m28m1h 14m-0.072
73Jenny Darby22h 20m30m1h 13m-0.014
5Simon Lucas175h 26m39m1h 11m-0.052
34Leigh Gething395h 10m33m1h 09m-0.126
128Sarah Swallow22h 18m25m1h 06m-0.014
156Hilary Clarke121h 41m22m1h 05m-0.119
64john jennings43h 04m27m1h 04m-0.022
145Dave Brown252h 52m29m1h 04m-0.145
43Frankie Mann53h 18m28m1h 04m-0.025
85Matt Pennington42h 57m31m1h 03m-0.023
98kevin noris102h 48m25m1h 02m-0.060
133John Bates01h 02m22m1h 02m-0.000
54Paul Rose12h 17m28m1h 02m-0.007
157Andy Davidson51h 55m31m1h 02m-0.043
20Ian Pooleman51h 12m20m1h 01m-0.069
100Jonathan Shaw21h 40m22m1h 01m-0.020
35Susan Dickinson02h 03m30m1h 01m-0.000
57Richard Longley142h 52m28m1h 01m-0.081
27Rebecca Ward203h 48m40m1h 00m-0.088
111Robert Edmunds143h 46m29m59m-0.062
113Phillip Holmes173h 49m38m58m-0.074
72Kayleigh Robson01h 31m27m58m-0.000
101Craig Rockliffe32h 51m25m57m-0.018
104Catherine Ross32h 54m35m56m-0.017
49Max Coney33h 01m31m55m-0.017
47Chris Whisker42h 45m22m54m-0.024
108Ruth Orchard12h 23m26m53m-0.007
52Phil Carlson32h 34m31m53m-0.019
116Helen Markland32h 14m31m52m-0.022
36Rachel Jackson01h 22m26m51m-0.000
77Sarah Mellor12h 09m32m49m-0.008
71Woody82h 00m27m49m-0.067
65James Molloy035m35m48m-0.000
42craig waterhouse32h 34m27m48m-0.019
110Becky Isles03h 10m40m47m-0.000
66Fran Bourchier02h 39m29m47m-0.000
126Kasia Lisowski02h 07m33m47m-0.000
50Elena Fumagalli14h 19m41m47m-0.004
112Jennifer Bara22h 46m28m46m-0.012
94Kate Humphreys048m32m45m-0.000
82Richard Bown31h 59m27m45m-0.025
59Daniel Hartley33h 14m28m44m-0.015
105Charlotte Gwilliam12h 23m33m44m-0.007
37Matthew Hepburn053m28m44m-0.000
44Alistair Palmer01h 25m26m43m-0.000
10Sarah Wilshaw057m29m42m-0.000
92Katie Burton246m25m42m-0.043
147Mike Clarke01h 49m31m42m-0.000
123Milly Walters01h 05m29m41m-0.000
93Alison Parker01h 34m27m40m-0.000
86Alison Shakesby053m30m40m-0.000
114Jane Byrne01h 07m24m40m-0.000
58Tim Jeffries31h 45m31m40m-0.029
153Ashley James056m34m40m-0.000
39Liam Gilhooley31h 09m28m40m-0.043
120Kate Sargent01h 03m23m39m-0.000
24Ruth Holdway11h 07m28m39m-0.015
79Mia Jorgensen047m22m39m-0.000
33Tim Revett01h 17m26m38m-0.000
32Kate Ingham01h 20m27m38m-0.000
26Julian Selby21h 12m26m38m-0.028
51Jon Seddon01h 50m32m38m-0.000
115Claire Albrighton055m25m38m-0.000
56Amy Sheppard01h 36m30m38m-0.000
78Andy Middleton248m21m38m-0.042
46Michael Doyle22h 44m27m38m-0.012
1Rob Ferrer030m30m37m-0.000
55Andrew Snaith21h 04m31m37m-0.031
80Matt Leivers02h 04m27m36m-0.000
162Jay Sigbrandt021m21m36m-0.000
121Gro Slotsvik053m24m36m-0.000
29Paul Smith71h 40m26m35m-0.070
21Chris Barlow31h 17m35m35m-0.039
134jenna murgatroyd12h 18m23m33m-0.007
148Sarah Odell016m16m33m-0.000
166Keith Sunderland041m21m32m-0.000
48Dan Kipling034m21m32m-0.000
103Helen Bowden047m21m32m-0.000
31sarah hara11h 14m21m31m-0.014
84Anna Beeby050m21m31m-0.000
99Charlotte Vickers036m19m30m-0.000
159Rachel Sutton020m20m30m-0.000
69Derfogail Delcassian034m18m28m-0.000
160Karen Perroquin246m27m27m-0.043
151Gemma Dixon232m16m24m-0.063

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