Canoe Polo Cancer Challenge 2006

Canoe Polo Cancer Challenge 2006

Sponsored by Dave Brown, Family Boat Shop, Hatfield Waterpark & Ferrer Consulting

Cancer Challenge 2006 - Referee Statistics

Name Total Ref Time Number of Slots Longest Slot
4Graeme Brautigam4h 45m42h 22m
7Cass Slater4h 23m52h 43m
8Tim Guhl9h 48m63h 04m
13Ben Slingsby3h 12m13h 12m
15Heather Slater2h 13m12h 13m
23Katie Burton2h 08m12h 08m
27Rebecca Ward2h 48m32h 13m
34Leigh Gething2h 02m12h 02m
35Susan Dickinson2h 51m21h 57m
70Munki6h 13m82h 00m
71Woody8h 02m63h 23m
72Kayleigh Robson6h 33m52h 54m
81Daniel Allport1h 51m11h 51m
83Tim Slade1h 30m21h 29m
91Ute Cappel1h 55m21h 30m
100Jonathan Shaw2h 29m21h 46m
132Ellie Bridgstock1h 24m11h 24m
135ian Page2h 59m32h 02m
136Peter Croft2h 45m21h 53m
157Andy Davidson1h 26m11h 26m
158Matt Simpson1h 42m11h 42m

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