Canoe Polo Cancer Challenge 2006

Canoe Polo Cancer Challenge 2006

Sponsored by Dave Brown, Family Boat Shop, Hatfield Waterpark & Ferrer Consulting

Last Time: Cancer Challenge 2004

At the age of 23, keen canoeist Ruth Holdway was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease - cancer of the lymph nodes. Whilst having chemotherapy for the best part of a year, she and her university friends from York University Canoe Club decided to raise a huge amount of money for cancer charities by holding a canoeing event that would involve as many people as possible.

Cancer Challenge 24 Hour Canoe Polo, 2004 was an enormous success, raising over £17,000 for Cancer Research, Cancer Bacup and the North Staffs Chemotherapy Unit. Over 300 people were involved on the day and helped to set a world record for the longest continuous canoe polo match involving the greatest number of people.

The money raised has helped to fund study by Cancer Research into the biology and causes of cancer, contribute to developing effective treatments as well as providing informative information on cancer and ways to prevent it. Our donation to Cancer Bacup would have paid for print and production costs for two specialist cancer booklets such as Lost for words: how to talk to someone with cancer and Adjusting to life after cancer treatment. These booklets are free and provide information in an easy to understand format to anyone affected by cancer. Finally our fundraising has gone towards completely re-furbishing and expanding Staffordshire’s chemotherapy unit.

Ruth has now fully recovered from her treatment and is making up for not being able to go canoeing whilst having chemotherapy by working on the water practically every day as a community sports coach for paddlesport in Staffordshire.

Last time we set the 24-hour canoe polo world record and smashed our target of £10,000 - we aim to do the same, only this time - Bigger, Better and Longer! 26 hours of canoe polo here we come!

The archived Cancer Challenge 2004 website can be found here.

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