Canoe Polo Cancer Challenge 2006

Canoe Polo Cancer Challenge 2006

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26-Hour Canoe Polo

Some Very Sad News

It is with great sadness that I bring the tragic news that Ruth Holdway, the driving force behind the Cancer Challenge events, died on Sunday 29 November 2009 while on a walking holiday in Madeira.

Without Ruth, the Cancer Challenge events would not even have been thought of, and we would not have raised the thousands we did for the three very deserving causes.

Ruth will of course be missed, and our thoughts are with her family. More information and tributes can be found on the website of The Sentinel newspaper in two articles.

Bigger, Better, Longer

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Statistics now available here.

Cancer Challenge 2006 is now over. I hope you all enjoyed it. We are still counting up all the money, and it is still coming in.

Final Score: DBX (Red) 263 - v - 276 FBS (Yellow)

The match sucessfully ran for 26 hours with 117 players. Full match statistics are here.


Please send any more sponsorship money you may have to Ruth, details on the contact page. You can still send people to your personal sponsorship page.

Lost Spraydecks

YUCC provided a number of spraydecks for people to use when paddling, but unfortunately a number have gone missing. If you find you have accidentaly walked off with one (we understand it happens sometimes) please get in touch. Without the spraydecks the club will have to restrict the number of their members who go on trips!


Cancer Challenge merchandise is now available to order online, including the souvineer T-Shirts.


Cancer Challenge Canoe Polo returns - this time we aim to beat our own record of the longest, continuous canoe polo match, involving as many people as possible. We�re looking for as many canoeists as possible to take part and raise money for three cancer charities. In order to keep the game going for 26-hours, individual players will be subbed on and off throughout the night and next day. The event will finish with a party for all those involved.


Put this date in your diary: June 9th/10th/11th. The game will start at 6pm Friday night ending 8pm Saturday. There will be other canoeing events running alongside throughout the weekend to keep you occupied.


Hatfield Water Park, Doncaster - the home of BUSA Canoe Polo and the BCU Polo Club Championships. It�s an outdoor centre based on a small lake with two fixed outdoor polo pitches. It is within easy distance of the M1. There is camping on site - easy to catch up on sleep and within staggering distance from the party.


All canoeists are welcome to take part - it doesn�t matter what ability so long as you can already paddle. You don�t need to bring a complete team (although you are of course welcome to) and you don�t need to already play canoe polo. York University Canoe Club and friends are organising the event so count on having a good time. If you can�t make the event, why not sponsor us?


We want as many canoeists as possible to help raise money for cancer charities. We smashed our £10,000 target last time; we hope to do the same again. The event was originally dreamt up when a past member of YUCC, Ruth Holdway, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease - a type of lymphatic cancer. Since she couldn�t go paddling whilst having treatment, what was more natural than organising a major event for canoeists to help other cancer patients? Our last event in 2004 was so successful we decided to do it again - only Bigger, Better, Longer!

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